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Christopher Oram Talks Olivier Award Winning Costumes of ‘Wolf Hall’

Broadway’s Best Shows: What makes Wolf Hall’s design so unique? Christopher Oram: Since we couldn’t possibly create all the locations referred…

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Olivier Award Winner Nathaniel Parker Talks ‘Wolf Hall’ And Portraying King Henry VIII

Broadway’s Best Shows: What about the character is engaging and how are…

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Hilary Mantel Talks About Bringing ‘Wolf Hall’ From Book To Stage To Broadway

Broadway’s Best Show: What inspired you to write this story? Hilary Mantel:…

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Elisabeth Moss Talks The Resurgence of Feminism and Starring on Broadway Post “Mad Men”

Broadway’s Best Shows: Tell us about ‘The Heidi Chronicles.’ Elisabeth…

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Funnyguy Jason Biggs Talks ‘The Heidi Chronicles’ The Revival’s Importance Today

Broadway’s Best Shows: Tell us about ‘The Heidi Chronicles.’…

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Tony Winner Pam MacKinnon Talks ‘The Heidi Chronicles’ and Playwright Wendy Wasserstein’s Relevance

Broadway’s Best Show: The first question I’m curious about is why The Heidi…

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Funnyman Will Brill On Why New Yorkers Should Relax & Take A Page From ‘You Can’t Take It With You’

What is at the heart of the story of You Can’t Take It With You? You Can’t…

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