10 Iconic Broadway Posters

10 Iconic Broadway Posters

The eyes of Cats, the mask of Phantom, the legs of Dreamgirls – these are some of the most globally recognizable images Broadway has ever produced. Their posters do not merely serve as memorable advertisements; they are often an audience member’s first impression of the show. As such, the most iconic posters in Broadway history are those that manage to capture the tone of an entire Broadway show in one image. These posters no longer require any accompanying text; the images alone immediately call to mind the world of their respective shows. In contrast to the increasingly common trend of Broadway shows exclusively advertising celebrities on their posters, these 10 iconic posters are timeless largely because they did not rely on the pretty face of that year’s “it” boy/girl. These posters will be hanging on walls and billboards for decades to come after having become key components of some of the finest pieces of theatre in Broadway history.

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