Broadway PHOTO STOP – First Look at ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’


Al Pacino returns to Broadway and the deliciously acerbic world of David Mamet in a 30th anniversary revival of Mamet's Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece. Pacino will play Shelly Levene, handing over Ricky Roma - the role he originated in the film - to Bobby Cannavale.




Glengarry Glen Ross - John C McGinley</p>
<p>Glengarry Glen Ross - Bobby Cannavale and Jeremy Shamos<br />
Glengarry Glen Ross - John C McGinley and Richard Schiff</p>
Glengarry Glen Ross - Al PacinoGlengarry Glen Ross - Jeremy Shamos and Bobby Cannavale</p>
<p>Glengarry Glen Ross - Al Pacino
Glengarry Glen Ross - Richard Schiff</p>
<p>Glengarry Glen Ross - (back row) Jeremy Shamos, David Harbour, Richards Schiff, and Murphy Guyer (front row) Bobby Cannavale, Al Pacino and John C.<br />
<p>Glengarry Glen Ross - Bobby Cannavale
Glengarry Glen Ross - Bobby Canavale and Richard SchiffGlengarry Glen Ross - Al Pacino and Bobby CannavaleGlengarry Glen Ross - Bobby Cannavale</p>

Photos by Scott Landis

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